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Narcotic Kiss
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Narcotic Kiss is a non profit journal decorating community made to help beautify the journals of the photoshop and HTML challenged. We are simply a group of photoshop junkies individuals addicted to our computers dedicated to helping others. How can we help you?

1) Know what you want us to help you with. Being vague with us just means it will take longer for us to process your request. Just saying "I want Placebo." or "I want a Gackt Layout." doesn't help us at all. Please have the following information ready.

~The picture/pictures you want us to use in your backgrounds/banners/icons/ect

~Any wording you want to be used. (Check it for spelling errors, punctiuation, ect. As we will not, we will simply copy and paste it. If you want it to be in italics or in bold, note that or it will not be.)

~Include your screen resolution with your request so we know how big to make the layout.

~If we are changing comment links, let us know what you want you want them to say and what to use as a divider.

~If you like the style of another journal, then link us to it rather then just trying to describe it. I can learn more from looking at their HTML rather then you rambling about how it appears.

~If you fail to mention any of the above, you are giving us free artistic license to do as we see fit to your layout and have no room to complain about anything. If you come back later saying it's not what you wanted, well tough as you neglected to tell us what you wanted in the first place.

2) WE WILL NOT HOST YOUR PICTURES FOR YOU! Our picture storage site is overrun as it is for storing our own stuff, we do not have room for yours as well. places like
VillagePhotos and Photobucket are free storage places for your backgrounds and what not and allow remote linking. Places like Boomspeed offers paid storage and offers a lot of storage for the few bucks a month you would have to pay. I highly recommend it.

3) And this is the most important rule of all. IF WE DO WORK FOR YOU WE WILL BE CREDITED! It has seemingly become an issue with some people that are using our work and not promoting our site. This isn't about us being popular or trying to out do other journal decorating sites as there are some good ones. But if we do the work, we expect the credit. Wouldn't you? A simple post in your journal telling others to check out your new layout and then saying we did it, is not enough. That post will be burried under tons of others the more you post and our add will be lost. If we do any type of work for you, for as long as you keep the icon, the background, the mood theme, the info page, Friend Banner, ect ect. We expect our banner to stay up on your info page. If you have issues with this, withdrawl your request now as this is not an issue that is up for debate.



Below are links to memories pages that have lists of those who are examples of our services.


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